Marketing Business Summit 2018 - Milan

The Sunday Talk – Marketing Business Summit 2018 – Milan

What do you do when the weather is so nice? Well, you go to the beach.

What an amazing view.

Durdle door

It’s Tuesday and I have to go to work after 3 days off. And then Alexa woke me up an hour earlier. What a life. But then I think this week gonna be great. Tomorrow I am going to the British Council where I’m gonna be talking about SEO and Digital Marketing. And then on Friday, I am going to another roundtable where I’m gonna be talking about well SEO and Digital Marketing. I think Churchill once said

‘You make a living by what we earn, but you make a life by what you give.’

SEO and Digital Marketing roundtable

Wednesday morning and I am on my way to the British Council to teach them some proper SEO. Basically, we gonna be talking SEO and Digital Marketing trends in the UK. Meanwhile what a lovely weather. Honestly, people, I wish I was actually going to the beach.

Two hours later…

Two hours later

Ok, it’s done now. I had an amazing time at the British Council. The conversation wen wild. We were talking about AMP, JSON-LD, artificial intelligence (AI) just name it. The thing is you are learning from me and I am learning from your questions.

Now that I am at home I’d like to say a big, massive ‘Thank you’ to Ann Hutchings for organising this meeting. I said it earlier today but I will say it again:

I love sharing my knowledge with others because they learn from me but I also learn from their questions.

So this morning I woke up I and so worried – Oh my God, am I gonna be able to give them enough value. Do they know more than me? Do I know more than them? Why do people invite me to these meetings? And then it hit me:

It’s not about how much I know, it’s about how much I care about their Digital Marketing problems and questions.

Marketing Business Summit – Milan 29-30 November 2018

Hi, guys. My name is Omi Sido. I am the senior technical SEO at Canon Europe and this November I will be speaking at the Marketing Business Summit in Milan. I will be talking about SEO and Machine Learning.

We all know that the machine learning revolution is affecting SEO and shaping the future of Digital Marketing so I’m gonna give you some insides and some tips on how to survive and how to succeed in a machine learning driven SEO environment. Guys, I know we gonna have a lot of fun so I hope to see you all there. Ciao.

Yes, yes I am going to Milan this Autumn and I will be talking about SEO and Machine Learning. Why do I talk so much about machine learning? Well, nobody wants to talk about it but at the same time, it affects us all not just in SEO and Digital Marketing but also in real life.

From Google Search to Google Maps to Netflix to Uber to PayPal. Well, Machine Learning is everywhere around us. With that in mind make sure that I am always around you so you can ask me the questions and I can give you the answers.

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