Cultivating Happiness

Cultivating Happiness – The Sunday Talk

Sometimes on a Monday morning, you are thinking “Oh my God, this week gonna be so busy. I’ve got two online webinars, one round table and I have to go to France for a two-day OnCrawl training. I’m gonna be so tired at the end of this week. But then you are thinking ” Wait a minute, one day I’m gonna be old. I’m not gonna have anything to do. and I’m not gonna have anything to remember if I don’t do much now. So suddenly “I’ve got too much to do this week” becomes “Oh my God, I have to do more.”

I need some coffee.

It’s Monday afternoon and I am ‘OnCrawl In Orbit‘ webinar ready. In about 10 minutes I’m gonna be talking to the amazing Alexis Sanders. I don’t know her personally and I missed her talk last year at BrightonSEO. But what I know is she is an amazing Digital Marketer with a lot of experience. And as we know experience is a master teacher even when it’s not our own.

New perspectives on duplicate content

New perspectives on duplicate content
New perspectives on duplicate content

Hi guys and welcome to the final episode of SEO in Orbit webinar series where OnCrawl will be sending Technical SEO tips in space.
One small step for technical SEO – you know I’m gonna do that, right, you know that right. I have to.

One small step for technical SEO, one giant leap for mankind.

So today’s webinar is called ‘New perspectives on duplicate content‘ and if you have any questions during the webinar please use the question box in the webinar window, or use the #SEOinOrbit hashtag on Twitter

This year I’ve decided to change the way I look. For a very long time, I’ve been saying I wanna change this, I wanna change that but nothing ever happened cause I’m gonna be honest with you: if you want to change the impossible the change has to happen here. Not here and not here – by the way, this is a muscle too. The change has to happen here.

Cause if you can’t change your mind you will never be able to change anything major in your life.

On my way to Bordeaux, France. In a way, it feels so unreal that I’m going from this weather – yeah, it’s a bit sunny now but it’s generally cold – to 40C. Hopefully, the wine gonna be good.

Bordeaux is a beautiful city in a picturesque setting on the River Garonne. It’s like a more laid back version of Paris with equally handsome limestone buildings that, given the right light, emanate a gorgeous golden glow.

My first day in Bordeaux, France. I’ve just woke up, ironed my shirt and my trousers and then I checked the temperature. It’s gonna be like 40C and I am like screw that. Today I’m gonna be doing Craig Campbell. By the way, have you ever seen such a small and cute iron? Good luck ironing your XXL shirt.

Surround yourself with the right people

Oh my God, it’s 7 o’clock. Last night, this morning I came back home at 5 o’clock. There was a problem with EasyJet. And in two hours I am meeting a client. But first I wanted to say, Oncrawl people thank you very much for inviting me to your event and giving me the opportunity to spend two days with people like Bill Hartzer, Señor Muñoz, Murat Yatagan, Serbay Ayzit, obviously Señor Muñoz, Miguel Pascual. Honestly people in two days, in two days these people gave me more ideas than all the conferences I’ve been to in the last two years. Or the way people say:

If you wanna be successful surround yourself with the right people.

Bill Hartzer

P.S. Bill Hartzer is one of the first people who agreed to be interviewed by me 3-4 years ago when nobody knew me. Bill, thank you very much, man. You can see my hair. Thank you very much, man. I am so happy that we managed to finally see each other face to face, share ideas and opinions. Thank you very much, man. I am forever grateful.

The Sunday Talk

We are constantly bombarded with messages about what makes us happy. Digital marketers like me tell you that happiness comes from owning and consuming their products. The media tells you that happiness comes from being famous and rich. The government tells you that happiness comes from growing the economy. But Omi Sido, yes Omi Sido tells you that:

Happiness comes from going to new places, meeting new people, trying new food.

Noticing, noticing the world around you.

Talking about happiness I am on my way to the pub to watch a game of cricket and make my cricket loving friends happy. But you do come back here next week cause you’ve got the questions and I’ve got the answers to your happiness. Peace.

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