Luke Carthy - How To Bag Sexy AF SEO Revenue Growth with Your Discontinued Products

How To Bag Sexy AF SEO Revenue Growth with Your Discontinued Products

It’s inevitable that at one point products on e-commerce websites will have to be retired as they become temporarily or permanently unavailable.
Despite the commonality of this event, it can be challenging to know what to do with product pages for which you don’t have any product to sell.
After all, it’s not as straightforward as leaving a page untouched or simply deleting it. So without a doubt, online merchants have to proactively deal with the situation to preserve their e-commerce site’s SEO.

So what should be done with these pages to ensure SEO health and positive UX?

As with much in the world of SEO, there’s not necessarily one correct answer to the question of what to do with your discontinued product pages: similarly, the approach you take will depend on a number of variables, including (but not limited to):

  • Was the page actually getting organic traffic?
  • Does the page have valuable backlinks? Or even how many backlinks?
  • Is the product temporarily out of stock, or has been discontinued for good?
  • Has the current product being replaced by an updated model or version of the product.

In this talk, Luke Carthy will take you through you some super-relevant examples showcasing what NOT to do with your discontinued products. He will also show you some real-world examples that achieved 20% SEO revenue growth in less than 60 days. Not just that but he will also provide you with actionable advice that you can take away and include straight away in your digital marketing strategy.

Luke Carthy
Luke Carthy and Omi Sido

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