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Women In Digital – The Industry | SearchLeeds 2019

Despite the UK’s tech sector growing almost three times faster than the rest of the economy and despite the fact that the UK ranks third in the world for total capital invested in tech companies only 17% of those working in the UK technology sector are female.

Why are there so few females in the industry?

The idea that the technology sector is not an industry for women is still wildly spread and it has kept many girls from even trying.

We have a duty to change this perception and make women feel welcome into the Digital World, regardless of whether it’s their first career choice coming out of university or if they’re transferring from a different industry.

We have a duty to give them the confidence to bravely step forward.
Because let’s face you have to be very brave to step into a male-dominated industry where old prejudices can still run rife. But without those brave individuals, nothing will change. And we can’t risk our technological future on that.

There’s no doubt that we need more women in tech. UK’s future is digital and it is in our hands to make it inclusive. Women and girls cannot be left out of the digital transformation of our economy and our society.

In this talk hosted by Kristal Ireland, some of the UK industry’s biggest personalities share their experiences and discuss the peaks and troughs that come with the career of a Digital Marketer.

Omi Sido with Kristal Ireland
With Kristal Ireland at SearchLeeds 2019

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