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  • The Sunday Talk – Kindness

    The Sunday Talk – Kindness

    Monday morning thoughts Monday morning. It’s four o’clock. And I can believe that I agreed to do this interview so early in the morning. I also can’t believe that I am on actually let me doublecheck. Yes, I’ve done 80 miles this month. Twenty more to go. We will beat cancer together. Cheers. Personal Branding Is personal […]

  • Cultivating Happiness – The Sunday Talk

    Cultivating Happiness

    Sometimes on a Monday morning, you are thinking “Oh my God, this week gonna be so busy. I’ve got two online webinars, one round table and I have to go to France for a two-day OnCrawl training. I’m gonna be so tired at the end of this week. But then you are thinking ” Wait…

  • The Sunday Talk – SearchLeeds Happiness

    SearchLeeds 2019

    SearchLeeds 2019 It’s Monday and I want to say something inspirational but then this week we are all going to SearchLeeds 2019. And what’s more inspirational than meeting talented digital marketers like Samantha Noble, Jennifer Hoffman gonna be there, Arianne Donoghue gonna be there, Kristal Ireland gonna be there. Hey, Jon Myers gonna be there.…

  • What makes us happy? – The Sunday Talk

    What makes us happy?

    Guys, this week gonna be great. Why do I think that? Well, because I am in a good mood. And when I am in a good mood I only have positive thoughts in my head. Think about it. Meanwhile, you are probably thinking, you are probably wondering “Omi, where on Earth are you? Is this…

  • The Sunday Talk – Smarter Marketing

    Smarter marketing

    Monday morning and I am a bit sad as I am going back to work. But Craig Campbell just made my day with this small little thing. Look at him, he is so sweet. But if for whatever reason small thing can’t make you happy you need a big massive piece of cake. Wisdom: If…

  • The Sunday Talk – Words Of Wisdom

    Words of Wisdom

    Monday morning. I am about to go to work but I am reading your emails and a lot of you are asking me a very similar question. ‘Omi, how do you find time to do so much every single week? How do you inspire yourself?’ So let me give you my first advice. Be decisive.…

  • The Sunday Talk – The Marketing Business Summit Milan

    Marketing Business Summit 2018 - Milan

    Christmas Is Coming Monday, 26 November and this is my last conference week for the year. I’ve promised myself at the beginning of this year that December would be free from conferences, online webinars basically everything. Which tells you straight away that if you ever wanted to invite me for a coffee, a glass of…

  • The Sunday Talk – SEO is changing

    The Sunday Talk - SEO is changing

    SEO is constantly changing So I hear many people saying that Google is trying to make our life difficult. No guys. Google is not trying to make our life difficult. Think of Google as a business. Think of search as a product. Naturally, every company wants to have a better product. So as they improve…

  • The Sunday Talk – Benchmark Search Conference 2018

    The Sunday Talk – The Benchmark Search Conference

     Monday, 3rd of September. So the conference season has officially started. Between now and Christmas I’m gonna be attending a conference or a roundtable almost every single week. This week I am going to the Benchmark Search Conference in Manchester organised by Click Consult and I am super excited. How often do you see…

  • The Sunday Talk – Be The Best You Can Be

    Be the best you can be

    This week’s got a very interesting start. Natasha Woodford from ClockworkTalent invited me to The Tower Of London and see the famous Ceremony of the Keys. Tower of London The Beefeaters – I am not entirely sure why we call them Beefeaters. Probably like me, they like their steak rare. So the Beefeaters have been…

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