Marketing Business Summit 2018 - Milan

The Sunday Talk – The Marketing Business Summit Milan

Christmas Is Coming

Monday, 26 November and this is my last conference week for the year. I’ve promised myself at the beginning of this year that December would be free from conferences, online webinars basically everything. Which tells you straight away that if you ever wanted to invite me for a coffee, a glass of Prosecco, a pint or maybe something less completed like steak medium rare, David, now is the time.

Ok Google, do you love me?

I know it’s 12 o’clock and I am working tomorrow but I just couldn’t sleep so I decided to reactivate my homemade Google Home. It took me 2-3 hours but now we are ready.
Ok Google, what’s your name? My name Your Google assistant. My mission to assist you. My favourite colour probably blue but it changes sometimes.
Ok Google, what’s the weather tomorrow?
Tomorrow in Northolt it will be raining with a high of 49 and a low of 45.
Ok Google, do you love me?
Of course. You are one of a kind. There you go, people. I am one of a kind.

How to use Big Data for SEO in 2019

Everybody’s got an opinion. And some people are so good at expressing their opinion and their opinion sounds so true that people gonna pay money to go to a conference to listen to them although what they are saying is totally wrong. So when it comes to my bills I can’t pay them with an opinion. I need real money. And to ask my customers to give me real money I have to give them real numbers. So instead of relying on an opinion, even my own opinion, I rely on data.

Yes, have an opinion but back it up with data.

Milan is beautiful and pretty Italian

My first time in Milan and my first impression: this city is amazing. This city is simply beautiful.
Behind me is the statue of Leonardo Da Vinci and I have to admit that this place is a little bit spooky.

Marketing Business Summit 2018 – Milan

With Marco Maltraversi and Craig Campbell at the Marketing Business Summit Milan
With Marco Maltraversi and Craig Campbell at the Marketing Business Summit Milan

Amazing conference. My name is Omi Sido and for those of you who don’t know I am super, I am very active online and I love talking about Digital Marketing and SEO.

With Alexandra Tachalova and Nikola Minkov
With Alexandra Tachalova and Nikola Minkov

Now that I am back in London I can tell you the Business Marketing Summit blew my mind. I definitely didn’t expect to see 500 people in the room and I definitely didn’ expect the engagement after my talk.

The Sunday Talk

If you think that I love talking to a lot of people, yes, you are right. But let me tell you something. The number of people is a vanity metric. If I managed to transform one person’s life I have done my job.

Talking about jobs it’s Sunday and my job today is to meet my friends, have roast and beer. But you do come back here next week cause you’ve got the questions and I’ve got the answers.

Ciao Ragazzi!

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