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The Sunday Talk – SEO 2019

Hi, Happy New Year. Welcome to 2019.

I am a little bit distracted here trying to make this healthy banana recipe. This recipe is super easy. Chop the bananas. Stick them in the freezer. Blitz them until you see this gue consistency. Stick them back in the freezer, 2-3 hours boom you are ready to go.

Be the best you can be

Meanwhile, let me ask you a question.

Have you done everything that you said you were gonna do last year on January 1st? Did you stick to your Christmas resolutions? Or did you just talk about doing it?

Tricky question hey?

You know what this year I want you to become a person of action.

I am challenging you guys to become people who do, instead of people who just talk about doing. No excuses, none whatsoever. I want you to commit to being the person who just doesn’t talk but follows through.

Step up your game, guys, and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

The meeting the other day was amazing. Within just one week Judith, Gerry and Peter managed to gather 100, actually more than 100 people together to talk about the future of SEO. The conversation was wild. Which is probably to be expected with Arnout, Judith, Gerry and Ross in the same room.

My SEO 2019 advice

Meanwhile, after the meeting, Peter interviewed me and I said something that made me think a lot.
People are talking about AMP, online visibility, backlinks but not many people are talking about SEO and revenue. Put it that way. Imagine last year you increased a website online visibility with 10%. Traffic looks good. Targeted keywords look good.

But what does the client see? Absolutely nothing.
Let me repeat this one ‘absolutely nothing’.

So my SEO advice for 2019 is.

If you are an SEO step back and ask yourself this simple question: do my SEO efforts bring revenue to the table. As an SEO agency step back and ask yourself this simple question: can my clients see what my SEO efforts bring to the table.

Cause at the end of the day SEO is part of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is part of online business. And business is all about revenue. No revenue no salaries.

Or to give you the big picture in a small format:

Traffic that doesn’t bring anything to the table is useless.

You know what else is useless staying at home on a Sunday. That’s why today I am doing some off-road riding. But you do come back here next week cause you’ve got the questions and I’ve got the answers.

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