Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity

Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity

Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity By Rand Fishkin .

Notice when he says “use your own mental intelligence to say, Are these terms and phrases relevant? Should they be included? Are these things that people would be looking for? Are they topically relevant?”.

So true – “use your own mental intelligence”.

For a long time I have been advising people to use a simple trick for long tail keywords, entities and their relationships to one another. Many people know this trick, yet not that many people are doing it.

First everybody knows that most of the information in Google Knowledge Graph comes from Wikipedia. Secondly it is by far the largest online keyword and entity library.

So the trick is to use the string: inurl:Wikipedia. Say you are in the “Social media marketing tips” business like Ana Hoffman. Just type Social media marketing tips inurl:Wikipedia in Google and hit the search button. An ocean of Wikipedia pages coming your way (optimized headlines I love). Have a look at the highlighted words in black, the words surrounding them and write them down. Scroll down to the related searches and have a look at the suggestions there. Write them down as well. Now click on the first Wikipedia result. Just have a look at the “Content” section main headlines. Keyword/entities heaven. No other keywords on this planet are more related to your business niche than those navigational links in a Wikipedia page and Google is ranking them high.

Scroll down to the reference section. It looks a bit messy, but don’t give up. Look properly and  you will see things like “Generation of Business Engagement” or “Social Network in marketing Opportunities”.So many of them I don’t even have enough time to mention them here. Don’t you have enough highly targeted keywords and entities relationships now?!

Before going to the last step just type “Generation of Business Engagement” in Google and hit the search button. What do you see? Four articles talking about Social Media Marketing, one of them even in fourth organic position. But wait….click on the ones that do not have Social Media Marketing keywords in the title or description. Go for the third one “The Next Generation of Business Engagement – Wiley”. I know you are smiling as the page you see is actually talking about a book called “Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement“. Suddenly all the entities and their relationships in semantic search David Amerland is talking about are becoming a bit more clear to you.

Now for the final step of the trick just go to Google Keyword Planner and use all the keywords from Wikipedia to get ideas. That’s it….you are ahead of the competition. You just had to  “use your own mental intelligence”.

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