How to start a link building campaign fast (without spamming)

How to start a link building campaign fast (without spamming)

How to start a link building campaign fast (without spamming)

Since I joined the SEO community 5-6 years ago, there’s always been a heated debate around the benefit vs risk payoff of various link building tactics, but one thing that has remained pretty uncontested during this time is that links matter. Of course, back in day quantity often trumped quality and many websites got penalised by Google.

As we approach 2020, link building remains one of the most debatable and controversial issues in any modern SEO strategy and that’s because it’s still very hard to scale without compromising or negatively affecting quality.

In this session, Joshua Hardwick – Ahrefs Head of Content – will show us how to kick off an outreach campaign in minutes using smart workflows and automation.


Who is Joshua Hardwick?

Joshua Hardwick is an SEO specialist with over 8 years of experience in SEO. He’s also the Head of Content for Ahrefs, an industry-leading SEO tool. He specializes in white-hat link building and creating link-worthy content.

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