The underrated powers of internal linking

The underrated powers of internal linking

Nearly every talk on internal linking strategies starts with a discussion of how complicated yet how important this part of SEO is. Everybody knows that internal linking is such a simple concept, and everyone should be doing it. But when it comes to the theory, the processes surrounding internal linking, and best practices suddenly the whole thing gets extraordinarily complex. 

But regardless of how complex or basic you think it is, no one argues about this: It is super important.

Who is Natalie Arney?

Natalie Arney is a Freelance SEO Consultant, Digital Strategist, trainer and public speaker. Having worked both in house and agency side over the years she now helps businesses of a multitude of different sizes to grow through her SEO consultancy.

Natalie Arney with Dixon Jones and Joanna Beech at BrightonSEO
Natalie Arney with Dixon Jones and Joanna Beech at BrightonSEO

During this talk at BrightonSEO, Natalie talks about:

  • What are internal links and why are internal links beneficial for SEO success
  • Optimal website architecture
  • How to improve internal linking by solving issues that already exist 
  • Tools & data for doing internal link audits 
  • Finding internal linking opportunities
  • How to measure the impact of internal link changes 
  • Small changes that make a big difference 

Natalie’s internal linking tips:

  • Monitor internal link changes by using site crawls
  • Make changes as soon as you can
  • Do not put all of your navigation links in the footer!
  • Ensure your anchor text isn’t spammy
  • Use business cases to get client/stakeholder buy-in
  • Work alongside other teams if needed
  • Don’t overdo it with on-page links
  • Use markup to enrich specific internal links (eg breadcrumb)
  • Keyword research and Google Analytics are invaluable resources that are often neglected with internal linking
  • When you acquire new links from Digital PR and link building, make sure that the link sources have internal links to relevant pages

Here’s the slide deck if you’d like to run through it in your own time!

About BrightonSEO 

BrightonSEO is Europe’s biggest (and best) search marketing conference and one of my favourite events of the year. This is a superb conference for search marketing professionals, novice or expert. BrightonSEO is a chance to learn from some of the best minds in search, and then rub shoulders with them at one of the friendliest, and largest, gatherings of Digital Marketers in the world. 

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